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Wine Producing Regions

Dry climate, cool nights and hot days, the mineral-rich water, sandy soil and an abundance of sun combine to make this one of the most perfect wine growing regions in the world.

The wine producing region marches up from the "Valley of the Vineyards" to the ""Vineyards of the High Mountains" with climates and soil that support a wide variety of grapes.

Long, dry summers and cool winters make for ideal growing conditions and provide for consistent vintages from year to year.

Spring in Chile

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One old, one new...

Two vineyards in the Maule Valley

The southernmost valley we visited this trip was the Maule. Although this area is not a well-traveled tourist destination, as do other Chilean wine producing regions, it has much to offer both wine enthusiasts and active travelers. The two wineries we visited while there were well worth the trip.


Colchagua, Curico, Cachapoal...

Criss-crossing Chile's Central Valley

After several busy days in Santiago, and a more relaxing one in the San Antonio Valley, we headed south to visit wineries in Chile's central valleys.

The area south of Santiago between the Andes and the Coastal Mountain Range is divided by a number of rivers that bring water from the Andes. In most cases this water is

A coastal terroir...

The San Antonio Valley

We've visited wineries in the Casablanca and Maipo Valleys on previous visits as day trips from Santiago but never had a chance to explore the more distant wine producing areas. This trip we've planned time to visit several valleys further from Santiago and will be staying in wine-oriented small hotels.

Day trips from Santiago...

Aconcagua & Maipo Valleys

Chile's wines are on the move and deserve close attention. We're in Santiago for Vinos de Chile 2009, a wine fair hosted the last week in September each year by the Hotel Plaza San Francisco in the city's historic downtown. This year more than fifty of Latin America's finest wineries offered samples of their finest wines to guests from around the


Brazil's Favorite Beaches

Many travelers to Brazil will tell you to go to Florianopolis and list it as one of their favorite places in the country. It is not hard to see why. With 42 beaches to explore, all within an hour's drive, Florianopolis is paradise.

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Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires

Tango tourism is big in Buenos Aires. Go to certain milongas (tango dances) and you will see numerous tourists dancing among the locals. These tourists often start dancing in their own countries, become hooked and then travel to Buenos Aires with the specific purpose of perfecting the dance. And there are many people here willing to help them.

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Review - Elqui Domos - Northern Chile

Situated on the outskirts of the small town Pisco Elqui, are the Elqui Domos, a unique lodging concept designed to offer guests an ideal opportunity to explore the magical night skies of the Elqui Valley in northern Chile. A place known internationally as one of the best locations for astronomy (or "stargazing" in non-scientific terms) in the world due to its clear atmosphere and skies.

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Medellin's Flower Festival

Medellin's colorful Flower Festival (Feria de Flores), is a vibrant, eight-day celebration held every August featuring an equestrian extravaganza, treasured antique cars, dozens of shows, and all topped by an unparalleled flower parade.

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São Luis - Eco-Tourism at Its Best

I paused when the short path from the shack we had driven to suddenly veered straight up. The white sand trail cut into deep green vegetation growing on a dune was as steep a trail as I had ever attempted, and all I could see beyond it was the cerulean sky.

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Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas

As we approached Cusco, Peru, on an early morning flight from Lima, it became clear that the Inca empire builders' choice of this area for their greatest palaces, temples and estates was a wise one.

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